Review of "The Solution of Choice" by James Wilder and Marcus Warner

My first swat at reviewing the new book, The Solution of Choice, by Jim Wilder and Marcus Warner.

* The church has been lured into agreeing with Western cultural assumptions that have spun off from the Enlightenment.

* These assumptions especially relate to human psychology and how we are to become better and mature human beings.

* But the church has also reacted to the culture by claiming better versions of the same evolving, but flawed, premises.

* However, believers have not been sufficiently transformed into the image of Jesus. So the church has stumbled on following the cultural trends to try to find the solutions.

* In Western culture, the psychological focus has shifted from exalting Reason to Choices to Power, which did not deliver the promised transformation and/or maturity. Thus, we have now capitulated to the cynicism of Tolerance in post-modernity.

* But the culture has not caught up with the latest and best brain science which confirms that engaging with deeper matters of the human heart (right brain) that hold the keys to lasting character transformation.

* It’s time for the church to lead our cultures into this new way of growth and life.

* These deeper matters that neuroscience has uncovered ironically confirm a Biblical understanding of human beings and the teachings of Jesus and the apostles about the kind of people God is longing to make of us.

* It is Attachment Love that creates an inner environment of peace and joy that then establishes a more profound sense of personal identity and belonging to “my people.”

* An emphasis on healthy Attachment Love (hesed/agape) has been the missing genesis of transformation and character formation that is psychologically sound.

* This kind of development happens best in a multi-generational community where experiencing God’s love and love for one another are the highest values, practices and habits.

* These elements create the proper relationally-based psychological substructure that gives authentic rise to better reasoning and choices and connecting to God’s power that combine for lasting transformation, maturity and character growth.

* These qualities of Attachment Love, peace and joy are experienced in the control system along the right hemisphere of the brain that then inform and release the left hemisphere to do its best work. This is a “whole-brain” solution ... a solution of choice.

* Therefore the Life Model promotes an approach to relationships and transformation that helps regulate and integrate interactions and responses to God, others and situations according to the hierarchical flow of how our brains have been designed by our Creator to function.

* This approach to spiritual formation and understanding of God’s grace in Christ can help us grow to the point where we will spontaneously love others who believe we are their enemies, not to mention the love of our neighbors, our own people and God Himself.

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Michael Sullivant