Our story

Servants of Jesus, parents, grandparents, pastors, teachers, married over 40 years.


Michael grew up in the Detroit, Michigan area and Terri, in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. We both became followers of Jesus in our late teens, in the early ’70′s, and began active ministry on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio during a genuine visitation of God in which many fellow-students came to faith in Jesus. Our roots are in Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship and in a Bible study Michael led that quickly became a student church…the Upper Room Fellowship.

We were married in 1977 and we are more in love than ever after all these years!  We have been involved in pastoring, teaching, starting and serving churches and ministering in many places around the country and in over 20 nations since that time. In 1987 we moved to Kansas City to continue our journey in ministry with Christ. 

Once in Kansas City, Michael served in senior pastoral leadership at Metro Christian Fellowship for 21 years. We retired from our pastorate in 2008 to follow a specific leading of the Lord in our lives to enter the marketplace for a season.

We started Radius to help facilitate our ministry beyond our local fellowship. Since then it has grown to include more than we imagined. Including planting a new church based in Kansas City, called New Hope Community.

In addition to co-pastoring, Terri is a professional life coach with a private practice and Michael has also kept up some business interests. He also serves on the board of Life Model Works, which is bringing the latest and best brain science to bear upon spiritual formation.

Michael and Terri Sullivant

Michael and Terri Sullivant