Our Vision

Connecting people to the Presence, Power, and Wisdom of God.


We believe that God has inaugurated a fresh grass-roots Jesus movement across the world that is ushering in a reformation of greater hope, love and joy within and among His people. We formed our non-profit, Radius Ministries, Inc. in 2009, to help facilitate our calling to joyfully proclaim Jesus Christ and demonstrate His kingdom in the ways He empowers us to by His Spirit. This compelling purpose has been the preoccupation of our lives since we came to faith in our late teens.

Radius fosters three things wherever the Lord sends us:

  1. Hearty Theology (helping people become well-grounded).
  2. Holistic Spirituality (helping people become well-rounded).
  3. Healthy Relationships (helping people become well-bounded).


We believe that these essential elements create rich environments for the Trinity to envelop individuals, marriages, families, faith communities and other groups within diverse cultures. We pray for God to continually enable us to make the complicated simple, the incredible credible and the intangible tangible…all for Christ’s honor in our world.

We are actively engaged in church planting, pastoring, public speaking, writing books and blogs, leader development, mentoring, hosting retreats and consulting, We are committed to forming a Christ-centered relational-base to all life and ministry. We often find ourselves simply watering what God has planted and we feel honored to have so many opportunities to worship and follow Jesus the Lord.


—Michael and Terri Sullivant

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