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7-week group study guide

Enhance your study of Terri's new book, The Divine Invitation, with this FREE group study guide. Enter your email below to download a 7-session study guide designed for small groups. If you will be leading a group, then download the facilitator guide. If not, then download the participant guide.


5-step guide to accepting god's friendship

Get more out of your personal study of Terri's new book with this FREE guide that explains how to apply some of the deeper truths in The Divine Invitation. In the guide, Terri outlines the 5 steps to accepting the gift of God's friendship in your life. Enter your email below to download the guide today!


The Divine Invitation

Have you ever wondered, if we have the God of heaven and earth living inside us, why we aren't experiencing more in life? What does it look like to have "Jesus in me" anyway, as an individual and also as a woman?

Terri's new book, The Divine Invitation, answers these questions and more in a profound way. It provides a pathway to find what your hearts deeply long for in every area of life.

As New York Times Bestselling author, Stasi Eldredge, said of Terri's book:

"You can't read these pages without being called up higher to live a life of love in intimate relationship with Jesus. So read away."

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